*How do I register as a bidder on auction day?

It's super easy! Just come and see us at the registration desk (usually located close to the auction entry point) and provide us with your name, postal address and phone number. We will give you a number on a bidding card that you can  "wave in the air like you just don't care". That's it!

*What payment methods do you accept on auction day?

We accept cash, EFTPOS, cheque with ID and bank transfer. 

Please note: EFTPOS fees are 50c for savings/cheque and 1% credit.

*I can't make it on auction day, can I place an absentee bid?

Absolutely! If you can't make it on auction day just complete and submit our absentee bidding form here:

We will call you straight after the auction if you are successful on any of your items.

*Do I pay GST?

This is usually not the case, however GST is often applicable on auctions that involve the sale of items from a business or commercial farm.

*Do you have a permanent auction house?

We currently hold on-site auctions, meaning you can find us across the state. Keep an eye out- there might be one near you soon. We also will be holding pop-up auctions in the future, so stay tuned.

*Do you accept online bidding?

Currently we do not offer online bidding, but we are looking at ways we can introduce this to our customers in the future.

*Can you tell us about the reserve prices?

Unfortunately reserve prices cannot be discussed.

*I want to sell my items, how can I do this?

We'd love to hear from you. Give Klay a call on 0456 537 290

or flick us an email at sherwoodauctions@hotmail.com