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absentee bidding

PLEASE NOTE: When your absentee bid has been processed by us we will send you a confirmation email.
If you do not receive this email please contact us to confirm that it has been processed.
Absentee Bidding Registration

By submitting this form I understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:

*I understand that any absentee bids placed after 5:00pm the day before my selected auction are not guaranteed to be processed.

*I understand that a 5% buyers premium will be added to the sale price.

*I understand that bids are accepted in $5 increments. Should I place a bid not in a $5 increment I understand that it will be rounded down to the closest $5 (for example, a bid of $32 will be rounded down to $30).


*I understand that I will be notified during or directly after the auction if I am the successful bidder and that payment must be made on the day of sale by bank transfer or in person via cash, cheque or EFTPOS.

* I understand that Sherwood Auctions Statewide are not in physical possession of items and therefore are not liable for any damage to or loss of items.

*I understand that purchased items must be collected in-person on the day of auction or on a specified collection time. Items that are not collected within 10 business days of auction will be considered forfeited and refunds will not be given.

*Sherwood Auctions Statewide is not responsible for delivery and/or storage of items. Fees and charges will apply on any items that require transport and/or storage by Sherwood Auctions Statewide due to late collection. This includes freight/shipment of any items and is the sole responsibility of the buyer to arrange and cover all costs.

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